Fear Free

The Fear Free approach at New Hartford Animal Hospital is all about the human-animal bond. We take pride in having our veterinary team members Fear Free certified. Each team member undergoes extensive training to learn how to keep your pet calm, relaxed, and happy!

When you and your pet visit our office, we aim to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress. Our team members understand that every patient interaction is an opportunity to use low stress handling. This enables us to look out for your pet’s overall well-being as well as their physical well-being. Not only does certification allow our team to practice Fear Free techniques, we are also able to teach you techniques to help transport your pet more comfortably to our office and to aide them in being relaxed in the exam room.

What does Fear Free mean to Us?

Here are some ways our Fear Free approach can help your pet during their visit:

  • Eye contact – Initially our team members will avoid eye contact with your pet to help them feel less stressed, as they aren’t the center of attention.
  • Bring them in hungry – By bringing your pet in somewhat hungry, we can use small treats to welcome and distract your pet during their visit.
  • Being with you – When possible, our team members will perform exams/procedures in the exam room with you there, as a form of reassurance.
  • Emotional notes – Fill out a Pre-visit questionnaire (located under forms). By answering a few questions, our team members will be able to note what treatments may trigger stress in your pet and which techniques and treats will work best to reduce anxiety and fear during your visit.

To learn more about Fear-Free handling click here.

For helpful tips on making your pet’s visit Fear Free, visit our Fear Free Resource page.