Fear Free

Our veterinary team aims to make your pet’s visit as Fear Free as possible! Here is some helpful information to prepare your furry friend for a trip to see us:

Before your visit

  • Treats – Bring your pet in hungry and with a good amount of their own treats. We can use this to help keep your pet calm and focused.
  • Toys – Bring their favorite toys as a distraction.
  • Time to relieve – Unless you need to provide us with a urine or fecal sample, provide your pet with enough time to relieve themselves before your visit as this is a great stress-inducer while at the office.
  • Time management – Give yourself enough time to arrive to the office without being rushed; if you’re stressed, chances are so is your pet.

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Making the trip

  • Car preparation – Cool or warm the car to a comfortable temperature before your pet is inside.
  • Carrier secured – Ensure the carrier/crate is properly secured in the car to reduce stress-inducing movement. Cover carriers with a towel if possible.
  • Prevent carsickness – Avoid quick acceleration and sudden braking as this makes even humans nauseous!
  • Remain calm – If you are happy and relaxed, your pet will follow suit.

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Preparing Your Cat for a Fear Free Visit

Help your feline friend have a fear free visit. Click here for some helpful tips.

The Value of Fear Free